Friday, March 30, 2012

Thursday, March 29, 2012

UGA Safety Suspended 4 Games For “Accidentally Eating Pot Brownies” For Breakfast On Spring Break

Georgia All-American safety Bacarri Rambo has been suspended for four games for failing a drug test, his high school coach said Thursday. A source close to the situation also confirmed to’s Mark Schlabach that Rambo’s suspension was drug-related. Alan Ingram, Rambo’s coach at Seminole County High School in Sanford, Fla., said he believes Rambo was a victim of circumstance. “Bacarri went down to Panama City Beach with some friends,” Ingram said. “One of the nights he went to bed before they did. He got up the next morning, was hungry and found some brownies on the table. He had some with some milk and told me, ‘I got high.’ The other guys got up and told him that the brownies were not for him. Apparently they were laced with marijuana. “I think that is the story. I think that is exactly what happened. Not many times would I say that, but he has never lied to me before.” Rambo was suspended for the Bulldogs’ opener against Boise State last season for an unnamed rules violation but still earned All-America honors while leading the SEC with eight interceptions.

Batman Just Chiilin In His Black Lambo Promptly Gets Pulled Over

Charlie Sheen On The Today This Morning

Television’s most lovable scamp violent drug abusing goon notable courtesan enthusiast something, Charlie Sheen, went on “The Today Show” this morning to promote his new FX show, “Anger Management.” During the interview, Sheen and Matt Lauer discussed everything from the new gig, to his exit from “Two and a Half Men,” to the turbulent year that got him to this point. Can you guys believe it’s been over a year since Sheen’s full-on “I am winning because I am an F-18 among other cuckoo reasons that I will now share with you at great length” meltdown? Time really flies when you stop giving a sh-t about Charlie Sheen, I guess. 

 I suppose the biggest disappointment about this video, besides the fact that it means Charlie Sheen is officially “back” and we’ll have to see his stupid face all the time again, is that “The Today Show” gave the interview to Lauer. I mean, sure, Matt Lauer is your big gun, and this was a notable interview, but JESUS NBC, Kathie Lee and Hota were RIGHT THERE. You could have sat Sheen down with those two loons, cracked open a bottle or twenty of wine, and let things get really, really weird. It would have been riveting television.

Ron Burgundy Announces Anchorman 2 On Conan Last NIght

And The Lotto Just Bigger And Bigger

Best Buy Shutting Down A Slew Of Stores, Laying Off Hundreds Of Corporate-Level Employees

The company announced this morning that it’s closing 50 big box stores in the U.S. and will cut 400 corporate level jobs as part of a major restructuring. News of the restructuring came as Best Buy reported its quarterly earnings. Net loss was $1.7 billion, or $4.89 a share, for the fourth quarter ended March 3, compared with net income of $651 million, or $1.62 a share, a year earlier. Excluding charges, Best Buy earned $2.47 a share. Sales rose to $16.63 billion, but fell way short of the analyst average estimate of $17.23 billion. The retailer said it expects its restructuring efforts to save about $800 million in costs by fiscal 2015, including about $250 million in the current fiscal year.

Charles Barkley Rocking A Dress!!!!

Leaked photo of the New York Giants 2012 Super Bowl Ring

Kate Upton Just Killing It At The New York Knicks Game

Kate The Great just dripping with motherfucking SWAG!!!! Bitches everywhere YES be jealous 

Rick Ross Birthday Cake (Remix)

This Is The Future Of Rap!!!!

Happy Thursday....Good Lord

Come On Son!!!!!

WMC And Ultra Concert Goers Just Advertising "If You Know Where Molly Is" If You Don't Know What A Molly Is In The Drug World Look It Up

Gronk Is As Dumb As We Think He Is And Revis Calls Belichick A Jerk

Barack Obama Singing Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO

Rate This Clip: The NBA All-Ugly Team

Where's Popeye Jones???

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bro Arrested For Drunk Driving, Sticks It To The Man By Singing Bohemian Rhapsody In Its Entirety

0:00-1:40 the arrest) (1:40-3:30 arguing the system) (3:30-9:00 the solo) 

This is the internets birthday gift to me.....LMAOOOOOOOO

This Is How Bullies Should Be Handled Not That Youtube Pussy Shit.


Fucking kid looks like a Samoan or some shit....Just knocking that little twig looking bully the fuck out. Has him holding his cheek like WTF just happened. I love it.

Can't Make This Shit Up

Adobe Finally Killing Flash By Making It Cost Money To Use

“Adobe” fills me with a desire to find a torch and a pitchfork.And I’m not alone, but most web developers hate Flash instead. And with reason. Flash is dangerous. Flash is buggy. And way too many restaurant websites use it.So, it is with great relief that we report Adobe is killing Flash, namely by demanding with the latest update of Flash Player that anybody making “console-quality” games using Flash Player’s premium features give them, and this isn’t a typo, 9% of their revenue past $50,000. Adobe argues this will foster innovation, you know, because innovation in major companies happens when you start draining them of resources.This is obviously aimed squarely at companies like Zynga and Facebook, currently making a mint off of free Flash games, but the actual effect will be HTML5 taking off like a rocket, because, let’s face it, nothing sells like “free”. 

 Steve Jobs smiles from heaven.

TV Ratings Week Ending March 25, 2012

I Just Heard The Obie Trice Album And I Really Liked it

LeBron Just Killing It In Kararaoke

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Minor League Coach Said the FUCK 80 Times in a Four-Minute Post-Game Tirade

Kid Falls Asleep While Skiing

He looks like in Mortal Kombat when the characters are kind of knocked out and it says, Finish Him! FATALITY !!!

This Elephant Knows How To Use A Smart Phone Better Then My Dad

Great commercial, sucks it's a Samsung ad.

Watch This With Captions/Annotations On

Check Out The Creep Behind Kim........LMAO

The Genesis Project Pendleton Caps

Following up their successful floral snapback line of NFL caps, The Genesis Project is back with another line – this time showcasing Pendelton Navajo fabrics. Utilizing leagues including the NBA, MLB, NHL and NFL this time around, the collection contains a sense of nostalgia with an added twist. The Genesis Project Pendleton Caps can be purchased online for between $130-$275 USD.

The Buried Life Guys On The Today Show


Giants To Host Cowboys In NFL Opener Sept 5