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C'Mon man! Week 12

Perfect Weather For Late November

Just Put Up My Christmas Tree

My New White Girl Crush.....I Love This Chick (Alison Brie) Can't Get Enough Of Her







You Have To See This To Believe It. Holy SHIT!!!!!


Funny Shit Of The Day!!!! Nerdy white kid KILLS "Look at Me Now" while cooking

The Chael Sonnen of rap music.......LMFAO

What A Show Last Night!!!!! Victoria's Secret Fashion Show' tops Tuesday with biggest rating ever

TV Ratings Week ending Nov 27, 2011

This Little Philly Fan Really Really Hates Tom Brady

My Fucking JAM!!!!! Foster The People ROCK!!!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ludacris Bada Boom..... Big Sean & Drake Diss.....BOY!!!!!!



T.I. Salutes Eminem for Helping Him Overcome Drug Addiction

T.I. and Eminem share a connection that goes beyond respect for each other's artistry. In late 2010, T.I. sought advice from Eminem when struggling with a similar drug addiction.

After being released from his first prison stint for federal weapon charges on March 26, 2010, T.I. took to prescription pills oxy and hydrocodone to relieve the pain he derived from a hefty amount of oral surgeries. Unfortunately, what started out as medical aid quickly turned into an addiction.

Fearing he had a developed drug problem, T.I. reached out Eminem (who has famously dealt with addiction himself), for advice. "I asked him how he knew he was an addict," T.I. told VIBE in 2010. "[He said] basically, if you put yourself in harm's way… if you risk that, you've got to assume that there is something fundamentally wrong with your thought process."

T.I. told's The Juice that, alhough he has yet to connect with Eminem since he was freed from his second prison stint on Sept. 29, 2011, the Detroit rapper continues to be an "enormous supporter."

"I haven't had a chance to speak to Em since I've been home," T.I. said. "I heard that while I was down, he was trying to get in contact with me, but I don't know if the dots just didn't connect. [Eminem] overcoming his own adversities, winning the battle against his own demons and continuing to break the mold and re-set the standard of what it means to be the most successful hip-hop artist in the game ... I salute that to no end."

T.I. continued to pay respect to Eminem and his current projects. "I love what he's doing with Slaughterhouse. I love the move that he made to sign Yelawolf. And the record with him and Royce da 5'9" ... that record is going h.a.m. He killed that BET Hip-Hop Awards cypher. I've been peeping the move."

Now that he's clean and somber and living postively, T.I. shares words of wisdom to those struggling with drugs or having a difficult time staying out of trouble.

"It starts with you on the inside," he said. "I can give all the advice in the world, but at the end of the day you just got to make that decision internally with yourself. You have to see that you are ready to make a change. Until that moment comes, all advice in the world is going to be in vain cause I'm going to be talking to a brick wall."

"Everybody can tell you what you need to do, how to do it, when you need to do it, how bad you need to do it," T.I. continued. "But until you get that right ass whipping, as they say, and until you have hit rock bottom or have seen something in yourself that is so out of character and it displeases you so much that you just have no choice but to change it ... then you ain't going to see it."

The Fucking Portugese Really Love Their Soccer....Just Burning Down Stadiums

Sometimes when a team loses a tough game, fans just react. Whether you’re watching the game on TV and you break something in your house or you get into a fight outside the stadium, sometimes rash decisions can come with serious consequences. It’s best to try to control your temper after something unfortunate happens to your team and tell yourself, “it’s only a game.”

As you all know, soccer fans can be some of the most dramatic in the world when it comes to supporting their teams. Whether it’s bringing a dead body to a game, trying to run a ref over, or punching a player in the face, their behavior is often regrettable. That’s why we want to take this time to commend the group of Sporting fans who reacted rationally after Sporting lost 1-0 to Benfica over the weekend. All they did was set their section of Benfica’s stadium on fire. Here is a video of the blaze that Dirty Tackle passed along:

The Evolution of Google Over The Years

FINALLY..... HBO Schedules Eastbound & Down Return

Season 3 of Eastbound, executive produced by McBride, Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Chris Henchy and Jody Hill, will premiere Sunday, Feb. 19 at 10 p.m.

The US Is Totally Fucked..... American Airlines Files for Bankruptcy!!!!!!

American Airlines' corporation filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings Tuesday, while simultaneously assuring the flying public that things will be "business as usual" while the company restructures.

The parent firm, AMR Corp., said American will keep flying its routes, honoring mileage awards, and paying full salaries and benefits for employees.

That still leaves many travelers wondering about the future of a once-leading airline. And the unsettling news comes with a peak travel season just around the corner.

Lil Wayne and Eminem Set International Tour Dates

Control This Cute Little Printer With Your iPhone And Make A Personal Mini Newspaper

London based design consultancy BERG have surpassed themselves with their latest idea, simply called Little Printer.

It’s a tiny little printer that sits almost anywhere, and connects directly to a custom dongle plugged into your wifi router. This dongle connects to a web-enabled system they’re calling BERG Cloud, which the company describes as a “nervous system for connected products”.

You’ll be able to use your iPhone (and I suspect other phones too, but it’s an iPhone shown in use in the demo video, below) to control what Little Printer spits out for you.

You’ll be able to choose from a variety of mini content streams called publications – one might be your todo list from Google, one might be updates from your pals on Foursquare, another might be news from The Guardian. You could also send direct printed messages to other Little Printer owners.

These are the content options being announced today, presumably the plan is to have many more on offer by the time Little Printer is up for sale.

There’s no detail on how much Little Printer might cost, or how often you’ll have to replace the paper spool, or anything like that. Little Printer will be available as a beta product next year, so right now all you can do is sign up to a mailing list if you want those details when they’re announced.

Rick Ross Is Going To Be Mad!!!!! LOL

Daimler AG has decided to discontinue its Maybach ultra-luxury cars after failing to find a fix for their dwindling sales and lack of profitability, barely a decade after resuscitating the Maybach brand.

The German luxury car maker said it plans to expand its top-of-the line Mercedes-Benz segment—the S-Class—to six variations from the current three when a new generation of the flagship model is launched in 2013. Until then, Daimler said it would continue to produce the ultra-premium Maybach.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show On Tonight @ 10pm on CBS

Musical guests include Nicki Minaj, Kanye West and Maroon 5, while one of the runway themes — in some unabashed bid to get guys to tune in, I reckon — is superhero-like lingerie costumes.

Jacksonville Jaguars Sold To Illinois Businessman For $760 Million

Wayne Weaver has sold the Jacksonville Jaguars to Shahid Khan, a Pakistan-born entrepreneur and head of Illinois-based Flex-N-Gate Corp, for $760 million. People familiar with the matter say Kahn used $350 million of debt to finance the deal.

In August we said the Jaguars were worth $725 million, last among the National Football League’s 32 teams. But in September Walt Disney-owned ESPN signed a new television deal with the NFL that was 73% more than the previous contract. The Jaguars sale price clearly reflects the boost in television revenue given that the most recent sale prior to the Jaguars were the St. Louis Rams, which were acquired by Forbes 400 member Stan Kroenke in 2010 for $750 million.

The Jaguars play in the NFL’s third-smallest market and Weaver has often had a combative relationship with local politicians over the teams lease at EverBank Field. Last year Weaver cut a deal with the city giving Weaver all of the revenue from the $16.6 million, five-year stadium naming rights agreement with EverBank. The prior agreement gave 25% of the naming rights to the city.

Khan had previously attempted to buy the St. Louis Rams from the children of the late Georgia Frontiere in 2010. But the team was grabbed by Kroenke, who had the right of first refusal to purchase the Rams.

The sale to Khan was announced the same day the struggling Jaguars fired head coach Jack Del Rio and replaced him with defensive coordinator Mel Tucker. The Jaguars have had hard time selling tickets, averaging 62,000 per home game this year, 26th in the league. To avoid embarrassing blackouts of its home games the team has been buying tickets.

The Jaguars, along with the Minnesota Vikings and San Diego Chargers, have been mentioned as teams most likely to to move to a new stadium in Los Angeles for which Farmers Insurance Exchange has agreed to pay $700 million for naming rights. Weaver has denied the team will leave Jacksonville. The team’s stadium lease with Jacksonville runs through 2027. But if revenue projections are high enough at the new L.A. stadium then it could all come down to how much Khan would have to pay to get out of the lease and to the NFL as a relocation fee.

Crazy Ass Helicopter Crash in New Zealand

Dope AIR JORDAN 11 “CONCORD” Drops December 24th

Good Job You FUCKING BUMS!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, November 28, 2011

Dude Really Loves Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was famous for his “one more thing…” tease at the end of certain Apple keynotes. Pasquale also told us why he chose to get such a tattoo on his arm.

Chad Needs To Score

Tim Tebow - ALL I DO IS WIN

Dan Marino Spent Most Of "The NFL Today" Staring At Lily Aldridge’s Tits

Victoria's Secret model Lily Aldridge was the guest prognosticator on CBS' The NFL Today this morning, Dan Marino, who seemed to have a bit of trouble making eye contact with the brunette beauty.