Friday, May 31, 2013

Lucy Pinder Is One Amazing British Chick

John Cena and CM Punk to Voice Flintstones Characters

Warner Bros and WWE Studios are tag-teaming to co-produce a Flintstones animated movie to be released in early 2015. Here, fixtures of the ’60s Hanna-Barbera cartoon including Fred and Barney will be joined by WWE staples including Vince McMagma (voiced by Vince McMahon) and such WWE superstars and divas including John Cenastone (John Cena) and CM Punkrock (CM Punk). They will take part in a prehistoric WWE main event.

Considering the cartoon’s love for all things named for all things geological, it seems a glaring absence not to have Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson here, particularly since he occasionally gets in the ring. But maybe that’s too obvious, or too expensive. After all Johnson has been killing it this summer in G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Pain & Gain and Fast & Furious 6, and this one doesn’t look like it’s going to hit theaters.

Warner Bros Home Entertainment will handle worldwide distribution on Blu-ray, DVD, VOD and digital download. The film will be co-produced by Warner Bros Animation and WWE Studios, and WWE will do its branding thing through its TV, digital media and print assets to market the movie. Bradley Buchanan, SVP Business and Legal Affairs, negotiated on behalf of WWE Studios.

“WWE is family-friendly entertainment, so partnering with Warner Bros on a Flintstones/WWE project was a natural extension of our Scooby Doo deal,” said Michael Luisi, President, WWE Studios. “This new, animated feature allows us to showcase our brand with young fans and loyal Flintstones enthusiasts alike.”

LeBron James Covers Sports Illustrated

Mike Tyson Covers ESPN Mag’s Taboo Issue

The Norris Cole Family Van Is Back At The Triple A

The Norris Cole Family Van

The Miami Heat’s Norris Cole brought out his family van (aka “The Green Machine”) once again to allow fans to sign and tag the 1993 Chevy van. The only problem? There’s basically no room left to sign without going over somebody else.

The van made its appearance at the Heat Championship parade last year and it returned recently to wish Cole and the squad some luck.

Above you can see two photos taken last night, and then a photo of the van in its original form from a few years back.

Such a dope tradition by Norris Cole and the family, hope they keep it going.

Fantastic Gregg Popovich .GIFS Has Appeared

These Arsenal Players Should Not Become Pilots Anytime Soon

Kobe Bryant Continues To Kill It On Twitter

Wheel Of Fortune’ Got Its Second-Ever $1 Million Winner Last Night

Remember That One Time When Kenny Rogers Pump Faked Michael Jordan

We Have Found The World’s Best Hip Hop Photoshop Troll

You can follow him on Twitter HERE.

This Collection of Adrian Beltre GIFs is Amazing

On Twitter, Drew Sheppard describes himself as a “Baseball Fan and Graphic Artist”. The man is more than that. He’s a genius.

Seemingly for sh*ts and giggles, Drew created an unbelievable gallery of Adrian Beltre animated gif’s. Drew should also describe himself as “Brand Manager for Adrian Beltre” because this gallery does more to make you an Adrian Beltre fan than anything a PR team could do.

–> View the gallery here. <–

Minnesota’s Baseball Team Performs The Absolute Perfect In-Game Videobomb

LeBron James Loves To Curse When Motivating His Team

The Spelling Bee Winner Has Awful Celebration Game

Fabolous Ft. 2 Chainz - When I Feel Like It

Those Ankles

This Chick Bushman Has An Outrageous Bushman Ass

Action Bronson & Harry Fraud - Saaab Stories EP Cover/Tracklist/Features

Fast rising emcee Action Bronson and super producer Harry Fraud have teamed up for a new EP titled Saaab Stories. The seven-track project features Big Body Bes, Wiz Khalifa, Prodigy and Raekwon.

Peep the cover up top and tracklist below. The EP drops on June 11th.


1. 72 Virgins feat. Big Body Bes
2. Triple Backflip
3. No Time
4. The Rockers feat. Wiz Khalifa
5. Strictly 4 My Jeeps
6. Alligator
7. Seven Series Triplets feat. Prodigy and Raekwon

J.Cole – Niggaz Know

Three weeks before he drops Born Sinner (June 18), J. Cole shares another album-cut for y’all to dissect enjoy. Need more music from the Dreamvillain before the album drops? Be sure to grab his Truly Yours EP and it’s sequel now. UPDATE: J. Cole also graces the new cover of Billboard. Check the look below.

Kanye West – Yeezus Official Album Artwork

LeBron’s Four Arms Might Be The Key To His Success

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Game 5 Was No Joke ..... Here Are Some Videos And GIFS

Wade with some great AIR!!!!
Norris Cole puts in his entry for worst shot of the playoffs


J. Cole On Battling Depression During Born Sinner‘s Creation

Last week, Cole gave us some insight into the writing process behind Born Sinner. And today, he sits down with SC to be a part of their mental health campaign, #OKNotToBeOK. In the clip above, Cole speaks on his experiences with depression and the pressure that surfaced during the time he took to craft his upcoming album.

When you listen to the album you’ll notice how it flows from darkness to light, from hell to heaven, depression to happiness. It literally was a way out… I’m writing my way out of a negative place, a darker place. When I say darker place, there’s no suicidal thoughts. You’re talking to a person who’s mind is strong. I had nothing but positive thoughts – and you’ve got to have the balls to move from Fayetteville to New York, not knowing nobody, just because you feel like you’re gonna make it in the music business. And then for that to actually happened… And then you get signed.

There’s a mentality that I had that was never shaken, it was quiet, it wasn’t outspoken, it was all in [my head]. The minute that changes and now I’m dealing with a mindstate I’ve never had to deal with before – which is fighting all these negative thoughts – that’s the dark place I’m talking about. My self-conscious kind of shattered, you know what I mean? Trying to fight against that, writing my way out of it. This whole album is writing my way out of that place. Because I had never had to deal with that before. I was a happy kid, I wasn’t a down kid. I observed life and I saw it for its positives and negatives, but I wasn’t a depressed child. So when I had to deal with that type of mindstate I wasn’t speaking on it…

You know, I was fucked up for this whole album. I was doubting myself this whole time. It was real to me. Pressure is real.

Great Dane Meets Baby Duck For The First Time

Jurassic Park Wedding Photo Is Amazing

Click on the photo to enlarge it

What Type of Asshole Dresses As Iron Man on A Date? WTF Is Wrong With Will Smith's Son???

Dailymail - The perfect pair were first seen together when Kylie watched aspiring musician Jaden perform as one of the opening acts for Justin Bieber at his London concert in March, and they have been openly dating ever since.