Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2012 San Diego Comic-Con Badges Sell Out In 90 Minutes!

Did you get your 2012 Comic-Con tickets this morning? If not, join the club as thousands of fans today tried on-line to get their badges today only to be told they were sold out in less than two hours.

This year’s con is predicted to be filled with an incredible amount of movie panels as some think that sneak peeks from ‘Man of Steel,’ ‘The Hobbit,’ and ‘Star Trek 2,’ will be unveiled. With ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘ scheduled to open in theaters the weekend after the con, many are hoping a screening or even something extra special this year from them. But first, you had to get a ticket.

This year the planners of Comic-Con had people sign up for a Member ID in order to buy a pass. Before the tickets were to go on sale, members were sent an e-mail link that went live today at 8 am PST in order for them to make a purchase. Within 30 minutes, the 4 day passes were sold out and soon after the entire event.

Many fans are angry about the process. Not just because they weren’t able to get tickets, but finding out that the link in their official e-mail didn’t work. Those who noticed it early on were able to obtain tickets through alternate methods such as going through Comic-Con’s website, copying and pasting the link instead of just clicking it or just using another browser.

If you were one of the unlucky ones, there’s still a chance you can still buy a badge to get in. According to the SDCC Facebook page, tickets will go on sale at a later date:

Comic-Con 2012 badges are sold out. Although our site and EPIC’s registration site was able to handle the load of customers wishing to purchase a badge, the conduit between the link in the email and the registration site was overwhelmed and service was intermittent for a short period of time. However, the link was not incorrect and was not dead, and once the volume of hits decreased it worked as planned. There will be a chance to purchase refunded and returned badges at a later date. Thank you!

Although that may not be too comforting to those who tried to get tickets today, it is a legitimate method that’s a better alternative than trying to buy one from a scalper and getting caught.

Last year the event sold out in 7 hours. This year… 90 minutes. This sure doesn’t look good for next year.

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