Sunday, April 29, 2012

DOIN’ IT IN THE PARK: Pick-Up Basketball NYC Trailer

DOIN’ IT IN THE PARK: Pick -Up Basketball NYC, a film by Bobbito Garcia & Kevin Couliau, explores the definition, history, culture and social impact of New York’s summer basketball scene – one that is widely recognized as the worldwide “mecca” of the sport. With 700+ courts spread out amongst the city, and notable names from the past and current scene like Dr. J, God Shammgod, Kenny Anderson, Pee Wee Kirkland, Tim “Headache” Gittens and Corey “Homicide” Williams, it’s estimated that New York boasts 500,000+ streetballers. Garcia and Couliau traveled to over 180 courts in the five boroughs in the making of their debut documentary film. DOIN’ IT IN THE PARK: Pick-Up Basketball NYC is expected to be released this summer barring a debilitating ankle injury.

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