Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Classic Commercial: Lebron James and the Nike Zoom Generation..Man It's Been 10 Years Already

With Lebron James taking this year's NBA MVP honors once again and his team looking like a shoe-in for the Finals, King James is at the top of the basketball world. Throw in one of the most anticipated and hyped shoe releases of the year dropping this Saturday with the Lebron 9 Elite "South Beach", and Lebron is also right at the top of the sneaker world (at least for this week).

For this week's Classic Commercial we go back to where it all started with a rookie Lebron and his first signature shoe, the Nike Zoom Generation. Watch as a baby-faced Lebron dazzles the crowd with his moves, as Bernie Mac (R.I.P.) gives a rousing sermon on "The Chosen One". The Generation was the first shoe of Lebron's $90 million deal with Nike back in 2003 (inked, of course, before he ever even played an NBA game), and still a fan favorite of LBJ shoe collectors. The only question really is, how long until Nike retros them?

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