Sunday, April 14, 2013

Trick Daddy "Sent Lil Wayne Packing Like a Little Bitch," Says Miami Rapper

Lil Wayne doesn't seem to be welcome in Miami after comments he made about the Miami Heat during All-Star weekend in Houston back in February.

At the time Wayne said he smashed Miami Heat player Chris Bosh's wife. He then in some more jabs at the team.

"Fuck LeBron. Fuck She Wade. Fuck Chris Bosh. Fuck all y'all," Wayne ranted.

Veteran Miami rapper Trick Daddy was not happy with the comments and found himself inside of King of Diamonds at the same time as the YMCMB CEO recently.

According to TMZ, Wayne started to get a bad vibe from Trick Daddy and decided to leave the club with Young Money President Mack Maine. As Wayne was exiting someone from Trick's crew allegedly threw a lit cigarette into Wayne's dreads.

Before any drama could pop off, KOD security separated the parties and Wayne left.

But then "Trick Daddy came in with his crew," Da Mayor's associate says, "he and 20 of his guys surrounded the stage, and told Lil Wayne and Young Money to get the fuck out of here.

"They got up, Lil Wayne got his $50,000 in dollar bills and dipped the fuck out. And Trick followed them outside, hollering, 'What the fuck you gotta say about Miami now?'

A member of Trick Daddy's crew told the Miami New Times that Da Mayor "sent Lil Wayne packing like a little bitch."

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