Saturday, August 30, 2014

Best Story Of The Day: The Rock Met Hornswoggle And Thought He Was A Make-A-Wish Kid

VIA: Leprechaun: Origins star and WWE joke fulcrum Hornswoggle gave an interview with Alternative Nation on Thursday and revealed what might be my new favorite WWE backstage anecdote ever: Hornswoggle called The Rock out for having notes written on his wrist that one time because of pre-existing heat involving Rock thinking Hornswoggle was a Make-A-Wish child. I KNOW, RIGHT?

Straight from the cow’s mouth:

Oh yeah, I called him out on having his notes on his wrist tape. His song that night, he had it on his wrist tape, and Cena went out there and free styled, and I called [Rock] out. I will fully admit, I went out on a limb, and probably said something I shouldn’t have, when going into WrestleMania Rock vs. Cena was the biggest match we’d had in a long time. Maybe I shouldn’t have tweeted that, but I meant it. I have been known a lot to keep my mouth shut, but there are certain things that I really take heart to, and that’s one of them. If you were to come out here and say you are free styling and you sing this song when you have everything written down, then you’re going to try to punk out one of my friends, John Cena, who is free styling and still killing you. Then he approached me about it about 2 weeks later. First off, I don’t think this story has ever gotten out there, so you’ve got an exclusive:

The Rock: Why you got to call me out like that?

Hornswoggle: The first time I met you, you thought I was a Make a Wish kid.

The Rock: What!?

Hornswoggle: Yeah, I met you backstage the night you came back in [Anaheim], when you were revealed as the guest host for WrestleMania, and you thought I was a Make a Wish kid. You tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘Did you have a good time tonight buddy?’ Then you walked off and you realized it, then you said to Big Show, ‘Hornswoggle thinks I thought he was a Make a Wish kid, and I did think he was.’

… So I don’t pull any punches now when I say things about you. Because you are so out of the loop, I’ve been on TV for 8 years now, and you thought I was a visitor?

The Rock: Yeah, yeah I did. Not gonna lie.

That’s such an incredible collection of incidents zippering into one. I really hope the next time Rock shows up he bumps into Hornswoggle backstage and is all, “hey, aren’t you that Brandon Stroud guy that writes on the Internet? You’re a mark!” and Hornswoggle just seethes and seethes.

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