Friday, November 21, 2014

Vice Principal Catching All Sorts Of Heat For RT'ing A Pic Of 7 Interracial Prom Couples With the Caption "Every White Girl's Father's Worst Nightmare"

NYDN – Furious Virginia high schoolers stormed out of their classes Monday in protest of their assistant principal’s “racist” sense of humor. Students at Booker T. Washington High School in Norfolk and the NAACP slammed Amy Strickland ― a former teacher of the year ― for retweeting an offensive joke apparently mocking interracial couples, WAVY reported. The tweet featured a photo of high school couples posing for a prom photo: Each of the girls were white, and all of the guys were black. The photo’s caption read, “Every white girl’s father’s worst nightmare.” Strickland posted the tweet ― which originally appeared on humor account @OrNahhTweets ― in June, but students discovered it last week while scanning their new assistant principal’s page. She was named Booker T. Washington High School’s assistant principal just months ago after working at another high school as a teacher. Last year, she won the city’s teacher of the year award.

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