Thursday, August 27, 2015

Man Did Sasha Banks Take A Bump On Her Head/Neck

#WWWF #WWF #WWE #WRESTLING #WRESTLEZONE #SASHABANKS #INJURY #NEWS VIDEO CREDIT: @tyler41 A Video has surfaced of a nasty bump Sasha Banks took during her NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn championship defense against Bayley, which may explain why she hasn't wrestled since SummerSlam. During the Banks-Bayley match, Bayley landed a reverse huracarana from the top rope to the mat. At the time, the camera angle presented made it look like both competitors came out unscathed, and Banks managed to keep going after the spot. Banks would go on to finish the match, but as it turns out, the move didn't go as smoothly as it originally looked. An Instagram user named Tyler Johnson posted a slow motion crowd shot from the match, which shows Banks taking the move on her head. Banks wrestled the following night at Summerslam, but her team barely made it past six minutes in the three-team elimination match. Banks also took a rough bump to the outside of the ring in that match, and her team was eliminated shortly after. Banks didn't wrestle on Raw or Smackdown, but did appear on Smackdown. This led to many speculating that Banks is either injured or is awaiting clearance. The Banks injury rumors are completely speculation, and we have no confirmation of them at this time. Either way, Banks was very lucky to emerge from the spot relatively unharmed.
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