Monday, November 30, 2015

Nike Plans to Make Neymar a Bigger Star Than Cristiano Ronaldo

VIA: There appears to be a changing of the guard at Nike Soccer.

Mexico's Economíahoy is reporting that Nike is planning to replace Cristiano Ronaldo with Neymar as the global face of Nike Soccer beginning in 2016. Ronaldo, 30, is a three time winner of the Ballon d'Or, but is on the down swing of a spectacular career. Neymar, 23, has been the face of Brazilian soccer star for some years now and with Barcelona teammate Lionel Messi injuring his knee earlier this year, Neymar has taken his game to another level and shined in his absence.

During their time with the Swoosh, Nike developed a signature model and collection for Ronaldo while Neymar has been the prominent figure behind the Hypervenom collection. With this upcoming move, it's assumed Neymar will eventually receive his own signature line as well and it'll be interesting to see what Nathan Vanhook and company cook up for Nike's new soccer icon.

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