Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Eli Manning Definitely Notices That He’s “The Third Most Talked About Quarterback” In New York

Fox News car chase connoisseur Shepard Smith is also a rabid Ole Miss fan, so it makes sense that he made the trip down to Oxford this past weekend when Eli Manning was honored with a charity dinner at his alma mater. Smith had a sitdown with Manning and also moderated a discussion at the dinner with Manning, Hakeem Nicks, and David Diehl, who also made the trip. Yes, Tim Tebow came up.

Well, he at least came up indirectly, and it piggybacked off something we mentioned yesterday in discussing Tebow’s reported new place in Hoboken, N.J. (the same town where Manning lives): Eli Manning is the reigning Super Bowl MVP. He’s won that award twice. He’s one of the most recognizable stars in America’s most recognizable sports league. He’s accomplished way, way more as a NFL quarterback than Tebow has – and frankly, likely ever will. And yet his living in Hoboken was never as big a deal as Tebow’s move there. What does Eli think of that hype? There might be an answer at the 1:34 mark below:


Does he sound lighthearted? Sure. Does he sound a little amazed at all the hype Tebow and the Jets get – and like maybe, just maybe, that will stoke his competitive fire all the more? Well… yes, that too.

In addition, a longer segment from the same discussion made it online. Rex Ryan trash is talked (though not by Eli). Plus, Linsanity is addressed – remember that story where Deadspin tried to find out whether Eli or Lin would be more likely to get into an exclusive New York City restaurant? Well, clearly Eli heard about that one – and as much as he might not want people making a fuss over him, he sounded glad to come out on top.

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