Sunday, May 13, 2012

Check Out Ashton Kutcher In His Steve Jobs Costume For The New Indie Film

Ashton Kutcher was spotted walking around Los Angeles this morning dressed head-to-toe in full Steve Jobs apparel. Apparently Kutcher was on his way to the set of his new indie Steve Jobs biopic – Jobs: Get Inspired. From the late 90’s and onward Jobs was known to wear Levi 501 jeans, and a black turtleneck during public appearances. Jobs also mostly wore New Balance 991’s, but it looks like Kutcher is wearing Asics.

Production for Jobs: Get Inspired is now underway with a release date set for Fall 2012. You can check out a whole gallery of Ashton roaming the streets of LA dressed like Steve over at TMZ. We have our reservations about whether the film will be great or not, but Mr. Kutcher doesn’t look too bad in the Steve outfit. What do you think? Will Ashton pull this roll off well? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments.

Ashton Kutcher isn't the right choice for this movie role. Fucking sucks

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