Tuesday, May 15, 2012

You Mother FUCKER You!!!!!

Well since Google+ sucks and I didn't enjoy it I decided to delete my account. What I didn't know is that Picasa web is attached to Google+ (Don't ask me fucking why). Well it turns out that 9 months worth of pictures on this blog have been deleted (I found some users that this happened to that had 7 years worth FUCKING WOW). I will try to replace and repair some but not all. FUCK NO. I was reading online that this happened to thousands of blogs and Google doesn't give two shits.  Below are some examples

This also just happened to me and I lost a 3 year blog. I sobbed all afternoon! Sooooo much work gone! It's unfathomable that Google could let this happen!!!! I've literally never been so angry in my life. And Google via Brian sounds really torn up about it. Honestly, I'll never participate in Google+ because of this. Google has lost my trust. GET IT TOGETHER BEFORE YOU PUT IT OUT THERE FOR PEOPLE TO USE!!!!

Again Sorry



P.S.S Will go cry in the corner now 

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