Monday, December 3, 2012

5 Theories About This Samsung Commercial

5 Theories About This Samsung Commercial 

She’s probably touching her pussy. She’s probably loose after shitting out those mutts for kids.

The video is actually of her getting double teamed by huge black dudes and is her way of telling him she wants a divorce.

I think the video from her is of her making a sandwich. That’s hot.

the video is his wife telling him she’s leaving him and taking the kids. don’t watch it on the plane cuz you’ll freak out and get shot by the air marshalls

He arrives to his hotel, gets to his room and breaks out the lube and and kleenex. Opens “for_husband.mp4″. A video of his best friend banging his wife in their bedroom plays with the text “It’s over between us” overlayed at the bottom. He still masturbates to climax.

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