Thursday, December 20, 2012

LeBron James Explains Why He Rides His Nike To The Triple A Almost Every Home Game

LeBron has been causing a stir with his decision to ride his bike to practice and to home games. He instagrammed the photo above to show us proof. The Sun-Sentinel asked him about it, in which he responded…

“I felt great,” he said, talking specifically about last night’s game. “I didn’t get tired. I don’t think I got tired [Tuesday] night. I felt great. I could have played again if we had to. Yeah, I’ve been biking a little more than usual. It’s fun. It’s also conditioning, it’s cardio.”

He also talked about how people try to stop him when they see him riding around town, but to no avail. “I’m in the zone,” he said.

Oh, and just in case you’re worried about the best basketball player on the planet biking, don’t be. He’s got lights on his bike! “I’m serious,” he said. “This isn’t a joke. Of course, safety first.”

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