Thursday, May 2, 2013

‘Iron Man 3′ Crosses $300M Internationally Hasn't Even Been Released In The USA Yet

THURSDAY AM UPDATE: Disney and Marvel are reporting a huge international number for Iron Man 3 today with the film benefiting from the important May Day holiday in the international marketplace, breaking records in China today, and about to open in the U.S./Canada tonight. Disney reported the film has already grossed $307.7 million overseas through Wednesday and with this big Thursday result from China of $21.5M it should still outpace The Avengers. Right now overseas, Iron Man 3 has already passed the total international box office cume for Captain America of $192M, Iron Man (original) of $267M, and Thor of $268M. On Friday, Iron Man 3 will pass the total international box office cume for Iron Man 2 of $312M on its 9 day of release.

Domestically, even rival studios tell me that Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man 3 is “looking more like Avengers which opened at $207M than Iron Man 2 which opened at $128M. Avengers helped them get much more of the family audience. This should continue that trend.” So the expectations are for $165M-$180M in North America this weekend which kicks off tonight. Big online ticketseller Fandango reported today that Iron Man 3 is comprising 86% of weekly sales.

In the People’s Republic Of China the official numbers which local distributor DMG Entertainment is reporting for Iron Man 3 midnight and opening day results (as of closing day May 2nd) is $18,657,142 USD (SARFT/CFG, or 117,540,000 RMB). This breaks all opening day records for any film ever shown there. But this number also is not final as there are still outstanding cinemas which have not reported their box office earnings. So the estimated final opening day box office is actually $21.5M. Special scenes were reserved for Chinese distribution by the film’s co-producers, Disney-owned Marvel Entertainment and Beijing-based DMG Entertainment. There was even special Chinese product placement including the energy milk drink Gu Li Duo on sale for $1 a carton across convenience stores as well as a new character named Dr Wu played by mainland actor Wang Xueqi. All the four minutes of additional sequences revolve around Chinese characters including scenes of hero Tony Stark being treated by a Chinese doctor in a mix of surgery and acupuncture.

Key China milestones include the biggest midnight screening (over 13,400,000 RMB), the biggest number of midnight screenings (over 2,500), the biggest number of opening day screenings (over 33,000), the biggest number of opening day screens (over 6,000). Iron Man 3 also shattered IMAX one-day records in China where pic grossed an incredible $1.834Ml on 101 screens, besting the previous IMAX record (Titanic 3D) by 30%. The film also opens today in Russia and other CIS territiories.

Here are Iron Man 3 cumulative results through Wednesday after one week in international theaters: Korea $27.6M, Mexico $26.8M, United Kingdom $26.8, France $22.6M, Australia $21.6M, Brazil $20.4M, Italy $14.5M, Taiwan $11.3M, Philippines $10.0M, Japan $9.6M, Hong Kong, $7.9M, Malaysia $7.8M, Indonesia $7.5M, India $6.8M, Spain $6.6M, other markets $52.5M.

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