Monday, May 20, 2013

Is Paul Heyman Scouting A Third Client? My Guess It's RVD

Might there be another Paul Heyman guy waiting in the wings?

Though CM Punk continues to languish in self-imposed exile, Brock Lesnar scored an absolutely monstrous victory last night over Triple H inside the steel cage at Extreme Rules. Perhaps as a result of that epic win, an all-out firestorm of rumors has ignited backstage at Raw in Kansas City today that Heyman is looking to expand his ranks! While the rumors are admittedly just that at this point, WWE Superstars and Divas are still abuzz over the possibility of the mad scientist’s ranks increasing by one.

Despite Heyman’s firebrand reputation, it would appear there is no shortage of Superstars clamoring for his representation, which makes sense given the visibility an association with him brings.

“Would I like to be represented by Paul Heyman? Of course,” NXT Superstar Corey Graves said. “It doesn’t mean you’re gonna be liked. You’re not gonna make any friends … but you can’t deny that if you’re a Paul Heyman guy, the world’s going to talk about you.”

United States Champion Kofi Kingston also weighed in with a response that some may find a bit surprising. “I think anyone who is not interested in having Paul Heyman as a representative would be foolish. Look at his track record and what he’s done for guys like Brock Lesnar. You see how much of an asset he’s been for CM Punk. [Heyman] is a genius.”

Others are more wary than anything over the potential growth of Heyman’s cult of personality. Take the recently returned Miz, for example. “What’s in it for me? I’ll answer a question with a question, because while Heyman definitely has something to offer, I just don’t know what he has to offer to me.”

As for Paul Heyman himself, he responded with an uncharacteristic silence when pressed for comment. Third man or not, it would appear he has the WWE Universe talking regardless — which of course, is just the way he likes it.

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