Thursday, May 9, 2013

What’s Going On Between Elisha Cuthbert And April Reimer?

Last night, the Boston Bruins took a commanding 3-1 lead over the Toronto Maple Leafs in their first round Stanley Cup Playoffs series, and nobody really cares about that because Happy Endings star Elisha Cuthbert was in the crowd and – did that girl just get sassy with Alex Kerkovich?!?! Short answer – no. Long answer – still no, but with more clarification, obviously.

That young lady standing in front of Cuthbert is April Reimer, wife of Leafs goalie James Reimer, and since the goalie is the easiest person to blame any time the opposing team scores a goal, there’s a chance she wasn’t going to be very happy after the Bruins scored on her husband in overtime. That’s why this exchange between Elisha and April has us sassy Internet bloggers’ wives gossiping this morning.

Easy assumption: Elisha and April don’t like each other, and they speak their hatred to each other through telepathy. So when James allowed David Krejci to complete his hat trick and win the game, Elisha clearly used her sixth sense to tell April that he husband should have stuck to his first job as a display block of Swiss cheese in a deli window. And April was all, “Oh yeah? Well he wouldn’t have had to face that two-on-one if your boyfriend, Dion Phaneuf hadn’t f*cked up!

However, that’s not the case at all, and we’re going to have to travel elsewhere to find our juicy hockey WAG rivalries. As April later Tweeted, all is well between her and Elisha, and the actual reason for her anger was a comment made by the Dax Sheppard lookalike sitting next to her. She even Tweeted a photo of her and Elisha hugging to prove it.

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