Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Veronica Mars Movie: Ken Marino Brings Vinnie Van Lowe Back to Neptune

Vinnie Van Lowe is back on the case!

Ken Marino has officially signed on for the Veronica Mars movie, franchise mastermind Rob Thomas announced Tuesday evening.

As has become the norm with Mars movie casting announcements, Marino relayed the news to the pic’s backers via a cheeky YouTube video. Unlike his co-stars, however, he addressed fans in character.

Yes, Mr. Vinnie Van Lowe — a wannabe PI and the thorn in Mars Investigations’ side — can be seen below hanging in what looks to be a skeezy hotel room while attempting to get a hold of the man in charge of Kickstarter. He’s eager to get things started and even has a title in mind: “It’s a Vinnie Van Lowe Blow… Or something to that nature.”

In other Veronica Mars movie news, Party Down alum Martin Starr has also joined the flick. He’ll play the all-new role of Lou “Cobb” Cobbler, an 09′er headed back to Neptune for the 10-year reunion.

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