Sunday, December 1, 2013

Kansas City Police Investing A Homicide At Arrowhead Stadium

VIA: That’s from the Twitter account of Kansas City Police Chief Darryl Forte. Details are sketchy at the moment, but it appears that Kansas City Police are investigating a homicide that may have taken place in the Arrowhead Stadium parking lot after the Chiefs’ 35-28 loss against the Broncos.

Fans on twitter are writing that Kansas City Police have taped off several dozen cars as a crime scene as they are investigating the incident in the “A” lot. All fans who were in that section are being taken inside the stadium for questioning.
This comes on the one-year anniversary of Jovan Belcher’s murder-suicide which came to a tragic end in the very same parking lot. We’ve seen some pretty stupid fan behavior in the last few weeks, but this would clearly be the worst. We obviously don’t know the whole picture yet, but with shitheads like these two who go to games to start fights, it’s no wonder more and more people are staying home and watching on TV.

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