Friday, September 4, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens’: Now You Can Purchase Your Own BB-8 Ball Droid

VIA: Do you long to hear the pitter patter of little BB-8s rolling around your home? Then this is the droid you’re looking for.

Disney has been unveiling the line-up of their Star Wars: The Force Awakens toy line during an 18-hour presentation. But I just want to talk about the ball droid because ball droid. Ball droid.

The merchandise line is estimated to bring in an absurd $6 billion in revenue, and now we know where about $5 billion of that is coming from. Tomorrow, on “Force Friday,” a tiny, working replica of the BB-8 goes on sale at Best Buy, Apple Stores, and the toymaker Sphero’s website.

It costs $150, can be remote controlled with a smartphone, has an inductive charger with 60 minutes of battery life, has a 30-meter range, reacts to the sound of your voice, changes its personality based on how you interact with it, can be programmed to follow a specific route, can send “holographic” messages to smartphones or tablets, and I MUST POSSESS IT.

And you may be thinking the same thing I was thinking at first, that $150 is a lot for a desk toy. But have you also considered BALL DROID?

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