Monday, December 5, 2011

Community Wins TVGuide's Fan Favorites Cover Contest, Three Covers And A Video

In so many ways, this news is bittersweet. Let's not go over the all too familiar scenario with NBC and the bitter benching of Community (and not just because it will induce rage) and instead focus on the sweet, namely, that the show won the TVGuide Fan Favorites contest, which means they get to grace the cover of a special edition of the popular magazine. All kidding aside, or to come shortly, this can only help what is one of the most important television causes since Save Our Bluths. #saveCommunity.

As far as gracing the cover, the cast (sorry Dan Harmon) actually graced three covers in hopes, you know, that fans would collect them all, as they say. It's more than a little ironic that a show on the brink of cancellation and suffering from notoriously low ratings would be on the cover of the most mainstream television publication possible, and most of its subscribers are obviously not watching Community. Yet, the fans the show does have are doggedly determined and vehement in their support, clearly out-caring the other shows' supporters (who most likely outnumber them) in order to secure this spot. It's that kind of following that gives us all hope for six seasons and a movie. Here are the three covers from TVGuide...

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