Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Skinhead knocked out by victim apparently didn’t see ‘Spokane Boxing Club Champion’ written on his shirt

I’ve always said it: before picking a fight with someone, read the whole shirt. Daren Abbey didn’t and as a result he’s in a world of hurt. According to police, Abbey threatened to stab a man, Marlon L. Baker, who is black, in a Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, bar. Abbey also told Baker that “blacks were not welcome in Bayview,” according to police. Baker tried to leave to avoid a fight, but Abbey followed him, and allegedly poked him in the chest.

But Abbey, a self-proclaimed skinhead who sports several neo-Nazi tatoos, got knocked out with one punch by the black man during the July 3 incident. Abbey later told officials that he felt he had been “hit by a brick.” Abbey apparently was unaware of the writing on the back of the black man’s T-shirt: “Spokane Boxing Club Champion.”

Abbey was charged with felony malicious harassment (Idaho’s hate-crime law) and battery. He was released, but will need to return to court on March 9 for sentencing.

In addition, Abbey received facial fractures and had to spend a night in the amusingly named Kootenai County jail.

The best part:

When sheriff’s investigators talked with Abbey at the scene, after he woke up, Abbey said he told Baker that if Baker “behaved” himself around the whites everything would be “cool” and he would be allowed to stay in Bayview.

When Abbey was told he was being arrested, Abbey said, “What, you’re arresting the white man?”

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