Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eli Finally Fires Back At The Media For The Elite Story - Eli Manning showed up today for the first time since 2007. Well, what I mean is the Giants’ quarterback broke from his formula of giving vanilla answers to finally take a shot back at us in the media who took his saying he was elite like Tom Brady this summer and blowing it up into a huge story. Just like he did four seasons ago when he fired back at Tiki Barber for saying his attempts at leadership were “comical,” Manning stunned reporters with his jab today when asked if he regretted the comment.“No I don’t have any regrets. I thought I gave an honest answer,” Manning said. “I didn’t regret it at the time or think anything of it at the time. Obviously, it’s been made into a big deal but I can’t always control that. I’m worried about getting ready to play, play this game, go out there play my best football and get the team to play our best football. That’s my job. My job is to play the game. It’s your job to talk and make up stories.”

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