Thursday, January 19, 2012

Joe Flacco Gets Ratted Out For Skateboarding by His Neighbor

Poor Joe Flacco. He’s the only quarterback in NFL history to qualify for the playoffs in each of his first four seasons, and yet he remains eternally disrespected, football’s version of Rodney Dangerfield. The critique of Flacco extends to his own driveway, where a maiden voyage on a skateboard during the Ravens’ bye week was immediately reported back to his superiors. “I’d never been on a skateboard in my life, so I was literally riding it about 10 feet down my driveway just to see if I could stand on it and stay upright,” Flacco said Wednesday on “NFL Total Access.” “One of my neighbors must have called in looking for (Ravens general manager) Ozzie Newsome and left a voicemail on his secretary’s phone saying, ‘Hey, man, you got to let Joe Flacco know we’re trying to win the Super Bowl around here! He’s at home riding a skateboard. Somebody’s got to let him know what the deal is.’ “

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