Monday, June 24, 2013

Kevin Durant officially signs with Jay-Z's Roc Nation Sports

Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant has officially signed with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports, making Jigga Man himself Durant’s agent 

Per Darren Rovell of ESPN:

It’s Official: Jay-Z has signed Kevin Durant. Roc Nation Sports spokesman Ron Berkowitz has confirmed.

Last week, Jay-Z and president of Roc Nation Sports, Juan Perez officially became licensed by the NBA and the Players Association:

Ron Berkowitz, a spokesman for Roc Nation Sports, confirmed to that, as of this week, Jay-Z is now licensed to work as an NBA agent. Juan Perez, president of Roc Nation Sports, also is now certified with the National Basketball Players Association.

There have been conflicting reports to as whether Jay-Z has actually sold (or completed the sale) of his 1% share in the Brooklyn Nets but it appears either way a transaction is clearly in the process, otherwise, Hov wouldn’t have been given the green light to sign Durant.

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