Friday, November 22, 2013

Eastbound & Down Is Officially Over. Unless It’s Not. Which It Might Not Be. Maybe

VIA: The series finale of Eastbound & Down was basically perfect. Especially the last few minutes, which managed to be both funny and touching in a way you don’t often see on television. Also, as any respected television critic will tell you, there are not nearly enough shows that end their critically acclaimed run with the word “apesh*t.” Everyone gets an A, drinks are on me, etc.

Series co-creator Jody Hill discussed the finale in an interview with Vulture, and at the very end, after all the stuff he said about how it all came together and the notable cameos and Kenny’s motivations for his actions, he said this, which I feel like I should bring to your attention.

You still sure this is the end of Eastbound and Down?

Yeah, we’re done. We’re done. We could do a movie. We could come back in ten years. I don’t think we have to say, “That’s it forever,” but, like, next year I’m not gonna do another Eastbound and Down, but at some point Danny and I could do it. It’ll be like our Before Sunrise.

Now, yes, okay, one issue with the printed word is that it’s not always easy to interpret sarcasm, so that is something that could be happening here. And I know that some of you will read that blockquote and get really upset about the show (or just its characters) possibly going on beyond Sunday’s landing-sticking ending. But there’s something about the sentence “It’ll be like our Before Sunrise” that just does it for me. I can’t help it. I hope he means that literally, and ten years from now they make a movie about Kenny Powers tooling around Vienna for a night with a stranger he met on a train. I would watch that.

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