Thursday, November 21, 2013

Jay-Z’s Barneys Collection Includes A $58,000 Jacket

VIA: Can you believe this? I mean, of course you can: Blue Ivy has enough money in her college fund to purchase a small island, so it only makes perfect sense that her pops’

oh-so-controversial collection with Barneys has a coat made of the skin of Soweto child soldiers crocodile and will cost roughly two years’ rent in New York City. Keep it real: if you cop this jacket there’s a good chance you can afford to wear a solid gold shirt, own a cheetah, and other such exorbitant ridiculousness. The good news is that the “proceeds” from this collection will go straight to Shawn Carter’s foundation; the bad news is that the only thing most people are going to buy are either the $70 tee-shirt, the Jigga cologne or maybe a pair or two of those leather shorts, so whomever benefits from that collection probably wouldn’t benefit much. But that’s the inner cheapskate in me talking.

The collection is out now; head to Barneys’ e-site to check out the extravagant ignorance.

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