Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Chick Meets Dream Guy On Vacation, Never Hears From Him, Launches World Wide Internet Search To Find Him, Turns Out He Has A Girlfriend

An Australian PR consultant launched a world-wide Internet search for the prince charming of her romantic evening in Spain, only to learn that the elusive object of her affection is already spoken for. Julia Cross, 33 of Melbourne, was vacationing in Ibiza when she met Martin O’Kane, a software developer from London. The pair shared a storybook encounter, meeting in a night club before sharing a kiss while watching the sunrise on a beach, the Evening Standard reports. After losing touch, Cross decided to use social media to start the “Find Martin” campaign and discover who she thought would be her knight in shining armor. “Cheers Julia! Hope you’re well,” O’Kane responded, according to The Sun. “I’ve just started seeing an old girlfriend again.” It might not be such a bad outcome for Cross, however. Described by the Daily Mail as a “party-loving lad with a distinct eye for the ladies,” photographs suggesting O’Kane is far from prince charming have since surfaced across multiple sources. One shows the London-lad looking like especially classy in a glowstick-spiked helmet and while another has him smiling between two scantily-clad ladies in pink tank-tops.

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