Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Report: Giants players have cars stolen while in San Francisco

It wasn’t all great for the the New York Giants over the weekend. While the team was preparing for their best game away in San Francisco, thieves broke into several players cars, stole items from them, and even made off with some of vehicles themselves.
According to a report, the burglaries took place sometime early Sunday morning, around 4am. The players cars were in what was supposed to be a protected lot, guarded by a contracted security detail.

One player, offensive tackle James Brewer, tweeted Sunday night, “Only in Jersey can someone be heartless enough to break into my car while we are in Cali making fans proud.”

Neither police nor the Giants team would confirm the names of the players who reportedly had their cars broken into, but Polite said the majority of the burglarized cars belonged to players.

The car doors were unlocked, Polite said.

The stolen vehicle was a 1996 Chevy Caprice. Souped-up versions of the vehicle are popular with sports stars and “very common” in cities like Miami, Polite said.

For what it is worth, I am going to say that the thief really didn’t care about whether or not the Giants were playing 12 hours later. Brewer, who we cannot confirm as one of the individuals who were victimized, is obviously upset about it, he shouldn’t pretend that only in New Jersey something like this could happen. I am pretty certain that The Smoking Gun has an entire section devoted to Florida alone. If not, they should, and could.

And really, where the heck was security?

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