Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Miami Heat Are Going Tropical For Training Camp

VIA: Two years after holding training camp at a military base in order to strengthen team bonds and avoid media distractions, the Miami Heat have done a 180 and are going to the Bahamas for training camp. In what seems more like a well deserved vacation rather than hard work, the NBA reigning champs will head to Atlantis Resort immediately following media day next week.

ProBasketballTalk reports that the move makes sense and will have the same effect as a military base. Many media outlets won’t pay for their reporters to go to such a destination, so the island resort will be free of distractions. Also, Heat owner Mickey Arison is the chairman of the board for Carnival Cruise Lines, so a nice little sea voyage could be in LeBron’s and D Wade’s future as well.

In reality, the decision is no big deal, because when you have LeBron on your team, who really needs training camp?

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