Monday, November 11, 2013

Colorado College Job Wants to Know if You’re Male, Female, or Queer

VIA: A word on job applications at Colorado College has sparked a controversy.The word “queer” appears in the voluntary gender section responses of the applications and the private school in Colorado Springs stands by the wording.“I’m a little skeptical of what that could present to potential employees,” Colorado Collage Quinn Webb said.The options include to not disclose, “male”, “female,” “transgender” or “queer.” The “queer” option is stirring up some controversy. Rex Fuller with Denver’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, And Transgender (LGBT) Community Center weighed in.“It’s true that for many years lots of people were called ‘queer’ and it was a derogatory term and they find it offensive, but there’s definitely a younger generation that is trying to reform the term and give it new meaning,” Fuller said.That’s the stance Colorado College is taking. They say the term was added to be more inclusive. Students with the Office of Minority and International Students agree. Student Marley Jamason says the term “queer” is changing.“Colorado College is making an effort to be inclusive,” Jamason said. “’Queer’ is an umbrella term that encompasses a whole range of identities.”

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