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Entourage Movie: Recapping Every Character’s Ending Point

VIA: Entourage crawled to a depressingly dull soap opera-like culmination in September 2011 after two very lackluster seasons. The show’s producers, creators and writers were auctioned to the wolves after critics and fans claimed they destroyed one of the best and most unique shows of the last decade.

The following will contain spoilers but if you haven’t watched the entire series in the nearly four years since they wrapped, no one cares. Despite heavily funded efforts, Entourage will return with one last hoorah on June 3rd as a highly anticipated feature film.

“I think the move will be really satisfying,” Jeremy Piven told Channel 24 last summer.

Does “satisfying” imply returning to the hilarious, witty and oftentimes wildly inappropriate roots of seasons 1-5? Before the movie officially opens, let’s review where every recurring character was left at the series conclusion.

Ari Gold

The reception from the activist community of Entourage fans was overwhelmingly positive for Ari Gold’s self-destruction in the final two seasons, as the fiery agent finally paid the price for years of questionable comments and over-the-top slurs. The male audience? Be honest. We missed the immature remarks and profanity-laced tirades that beyond crossed the line.

Ari finally let go of his lifelong power trip in the final episode, leaving Hollywood for a luxurious Italian estate, equipped with a scantly clad Mrs. Ari (no, we’re not calling her Melissa). He was left with the most intriguing of propositions from John Ellis as the show concluded:

Vincent Chase

Vince came back from the hotly debated 7th season storyline of drug abuse to remain the most boring, awkward and unnecessarily necessary Entourage character. He was no longer finding the most insanely attractive and unobtainable women to sleep with, nor was he done making major decisions on a whim.

We left Vince boarding a plane to Paris for his odd nuptials to the lovely Sophia Lear and, after a ballsy move to pass a studio drug test, he appears headed back to A-list status with the impending movie Airwalker.

Eric Murphy

After years of the E-Sloan saga, including an odd decision to pair him with Sloan’s ex-mother-in-law, it appears the dicey romance finally concluded with an emotional make-up hug. The very successful Murphy Lavin Group might be in a state of flux, as Eric insists on joining his baby mama in New York, but new developments in the show’s closing moments could change that.

Johnny ‘Drama’ Chase

Thank God the Johnny Bananas hold-out storyline was killed before it drunkenly stumbled into a movie, thus wasting more of our time with pathetic outbursts from one of the show’s worst characters ever in Andrew Dice Clay. Drama’s career finally appears to be back on track, again, with a new TV movie from the German Shepherd-loving Phil Yagoda.

It’ll never get old:


No one likes the skinny, responsible Turtle but unfortunately Jerry Ferrara’s character continued that path of boring maturity through the last season, ending with the shocking revelation that his Avion stock is worth millions. He appears set on bringing Don Pepe’s to Los Angeles with his new load of cash but we can only assume there will be yet another business venture for him. There remains no love interest for Turtle and his popularity only continued to dwindle.

Lloyd Lee

Another transitional character that many viewers ripped Doug Ellin for ruining, Lloyd is finally a seasoned agent but was left with little role as the series concluded. We departed Hollywood with the feisty Lloyd rolling up to the Gold’s mansion guns-blazing and pissed at Ari for leaving the agency before a heart-warming approval message finally came from his longtime boss.

We all miss their beautiful relationship:

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