Saturday, May 30, 2015

I Was Wondering Why The NFL Logo Was Gold....Here is Why!!

VIA: No one, but no one, goes for the gold better than the NFL. Now, as the calendar year that will be capped by the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl begins, it has unveiled its plan to tinge its logos and outline every team’s logo in the color, at least for part of the season.

The party starts next month, when the NFL Draft kicks off with a newly gilded (kind of drab, but what do we know?) official logo. You know the NFL is serious about this because they’re even changing the color of the vaunted “shield.”

There’ll be differences — some subtle, some not — everywhere. The “50” at midfield of every stadium will be gold, starting with the Hall of Fame game in August.

From there, the things only get more golden. Starting in Week 7, every team logo will be outlined in gold.

Pro Bowl players will wear uniforms that are black, white, and gold.

And the Super Bowl 50 champion gets a big, gold “50” (with each numeral weighing 33 pounds) in addition to the Lombardi Trophy, which will remain silver even though photos make it look gold.

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