Friday, September 20, 2013

Hundreds Of ‘Breaking Bad’ Props, Including Walt’s Underwear & Pontiac Aztek, Are Up For Auction

Sadly there are only two more episodes of Breaking Bad left in the illustrious series. The harsh reality that there will be no more episodes after two weeks set in for me when I saw that there is an auction for Breaking Bad paraphernalia. Sony Pictures put hundreds of props from the iconic show on auction with starting bids as low as $10 for Jesse Pinkman’s DEA mug or Badger’s ratty skull cap, all the way up to $5,000 for Hector Salamanca’s wheelchair. Other notable items include Walter White’s Pontiac Aztek starting at $1,000, Tuco’s Grill ($2,500), the pink teddy bear ($1,500), Walter White’s underwear ($250), Los Pollos Hermanos Chicken Bucket ($25) and an inscribed copy of Leaves of Grass ($3,000). Of course these are all starting bids and are going to skyrocket, but how cool would it be to have a souvenir from one of the greatest shows in television history. If any of you outbid me for Walt’s tighty whities I will burn down your house and bury you in the desert or more likely I’ll be relieved that I didn’t spend thousands of dollars on a pair of used men’s underwear.

Check out the auction with the link below

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