Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Couple Who Bought A Sweater At Goodwill For 58 Cents Later Discovered It Once Belonged To Vince Lombardi

VIA: Sean and Rikki McEvoy were shopping at a Goodwill store in West Asheville, NC last summer when they came across an old West Point sweater which they purchased for $0.58. They had planned to sell it at the vintage clothing store they run together, but before that could happen, fate intervened.

In a coincidence that defies all logic, Sean was watching a documentary film of Vince Lombardi where he saw an old picture of the legendary Packers coach wearing a similar West Point sweater. Lombardi served as an assistant coach for Army from 1949 until 1953 before eventually winning five NFL Championships as coach of the Packers in the 1960’s.

“I was watching [the] documentary and I said to my wife, we have a sweater just like that,” Sean McEvoy said. “Wouldn’t it be great if it was actually Vince Lombardi’s?”

Rikki saw a name tag on the inside of the sweater and confirmed it said “Lombardi” on it. Sean’s heart sank a bit. Could it be?

The couple took the sweater to Heritage Auctions in Dallas. Heritage hired an authenticator and sure enough, it once belonged to Vince Lombardi. The sweater is scheduled to be auctioned off on February 21st and Heritage expects it to fetch at least $20,000. I’m not good at math, but I do have a calculator and that’s a 34,000% profit.

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