Monday, March 30, 2015

Stone Cold Steve Austin And Vince McMahon May Be Feuding In Real Life Now

VIA: Vince McMahon and Steve Austin had one of the biggest feuds in wrestling history. Outside of the ring, though, they’ve have their ups and downs. Austin infamously “took his ball and went home” in 2002 and didn’t speak to McMahon for almost a year. Now, it seems like they may be back on bad terms.

For some reason, Austin — who said he’d be at Mania on his podcast — decided to stay at home. Add in the fact that Chris Jericho is now doing his podcast on the Network with a John Cena interview on April 6, and something seems to be amiss. PWInsider is reporting that there’s friction, but they’re not sure where it’s stemming from. Maybe Austin wanted his podcast to be the only one on the Network.

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