Friday, March 27, 2015

Tyrese Gibson Tells The Story Of How He And Paul Walker Became Best Friends When They Realized They Were Fucking The Same Chick

Yahoo: We got up close and personal with Tyrese Gibson at the Los Angeles press day earlier this week for the upcoming action sequel Furious 7. We did not expect to get this personal, though.

While reminiscing about his late co-star Paul Walker, who passed away tragically in a car crash in 2013, the singer-actor pointed to the moment the pair first truly clicked, while shooting 2003’s 2 Fast 2 Furious: “Well, the first moment me and him really broke the ice is when we found out we were sleeping with the same girl in Miami,” Tyrese said matter-of-factly in our interview, which you can watch above.

Gibson went on to explain the confusion the two encountered while driving around the city as each described the woman they were hooking up with in a moment that sounds straight out of an R. Kelly video. “He was casual about it,” the 36-year-old former model said. “He was just like, ‘Yeah I was just with her last night. I said, ‘I was with her last night!’”

And that’s how friendships get forged in Hollywood. “It was a bromance forever after that,” he said of Walker, who never married but had a daughter with his ex, Rebecca Soteros. “Because we had the same taste in women.” (Gibson rehashed the story on The View on Thursday, and added that the woman was an extra on the set named Cindy.)

Gibson was fresh off his acting debut, 2001’s Baby Boy, when he was enlisted for 2 Fast, the first sequel to The Fast and the Furious. “So I went from this dark, urban, ghetto-ratchet movie to a movie with the whitest white man of all time,” he said with a smile.

Before they rendezvoused in Miami, the pair met up in L.A. “We met, talked, ate dinner and chopped it up. Got to know each other. We talked about family, and background and where [we were from] and just all the regular stuff. It was like date.”

Good thing they didn’t try a double-date.

Furious 7 opens everywhere April 3.

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