Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Triple H Suffered A Nasty Leg Injury During His WrestleMania 31 Match With Sting

VIA: Triple H suffered a nasty leg injury during his WrestleMania 31 match with Sting. His upper left leg gained visible purple and red bruising as the match went on, with the depth of bruising getting more and more aggravated.

Early speculation was leaning towards some sort of muscle tear, with Hunter soldiering on through the pain. He’s had a history of these injuries and the leg had appeared fine at the start of the match. By the end, it was obvious that something was badly wrong.

However, later in the show, Triple H emerged for a segment against The Rock and Ronda Rousey. He was now wearing a suit and appered to be moving around fine. He even bumped for Rousey.

As such, the bruising is probably attributable to a less serious injury. If he had suffered a major injury, he would have struggled to take that Rousey bump.

Perhaps it was just a case of bad bruising and Hunter’s body not being used to the ring work. It could also be the fact that he was carrying too much muscle, having gone to great extremes in the gym to get in ring shape. At 45 years old, Hunter may want to consider the way he is pushing his body.

In what Sting told the Associated Press is likely his last match, he put Triple H over, in what was a shock result. The WCW legend waited all this time to join the WWE and then came in just to lose to Triple H.

The WWE veteran is now strongly placed to head into a main event match with The Rock at WrestleMania 32.

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