Friday, May 8, 2015

Adam Rose Wants To Know If You’d Like The Return Of Leo Kruger

VIA: The ESPN special on NXT aired recently, and I personally feel like one of the highlights was getting to see the human side of Ray Leppan, who we know better as Adam Rose. At the time the special was filmed, he was struggling to find a new gimmick, all while realizing that failure could be directly detrimental to his family. His dedication to his son Maverick, who was born with a rare birth defect, is impossible to root against. With hindsight being 20/20, we know that Leppan found his new gimmick, becoming Adam Rose and moving up to WWE’s main roster somewhat quickly thereafter. But since then, the character has been bogged down by a strange crisis of morality, not to mention a rivalry with a man in a giant bunny costume. After the special wrapped up, Leppan once again looked toward the future and asked the WWE Universe how he should proceed.

As I write this, Kruger is beating Rose by nearly a thousand. If you aren’t terribly familiar with pre-Network NXT, the Leo Kruger character had a lot of potential that never really reached its peak. He was a psychotic South African hunter who “moved on from traditional quarries and started hunting people,” à la “The Most Dangerous Game.” Basically, he was Kraven from the Sinister Six, with the addition of a hypnotic Afrikaans accent. A lot of people replying to this tweet are suggesting that there should be a Mick Foley scenario, with Kruger and Rose somehow coexisting on the Raw roster. That might be tough to pull off, but it would be pretty cool if it was done well. Would it be Kruger living inside Rose’s head, or vice versa? Or maybe they’re both just split personalities of the actual human being known as Ray Leppan? I’ll try not to fantasy book this to death, but I really like storylines that quickly get crazy, especially ones with the potential to involve the dark and perverse powers of the Oculus mirror.

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