Monday, May 11, 2015

Roman Reigns Called BS On CM Punk’s Claims That He Created The Shield

VIA: Roman Reigns recently took part in a Q&A session at Wizard World in Philadelphia. Despite the fact that most of the questions were asked by little kids (including Louise from Bob’s Burgers, apparently), things did get pretty candid, especially when the subject of who created The Shield came up. In his infamous Art of Wrestling appearance, CM Punk claimed he was the early driving force behind The Shield. Based on his Q&A response, Roman won’t be sending Punk a thank you card any time soon…

“There’s a lot of things. You’ll hear all kinds of stuff, ‘CM Punk made The Shield.’ Yeah… okay. The only thing he made was that Pepsi tattoo on his shoulder. I think a lot of people had their hands in on The Shield. We have a huge creative team that’s part of the process. But, ultimately, myself, Dean, and Seth made The Shield.”

Obviously, the three members of The Shield were the most important components of the stable’s success, but Roman isn’t being entirely honest. It’s pretty well-established at this point that The Shield was originally conceived as a backing stable for Punk. Maybe Roman’s just a little sniffy because Punk claimed that his spot was originally for Chris Hero?

You can check out a fan-shot video of the Q&A below. The Punk comments come in around 16:30. Aside from them, Roman also touches on some other interesting stuff, including whether The Shield will reform (YES) and his father’s horrifying swimming lessons…

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