Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Will There Be an Entourage Sequel? Never Say Never

VIA: By the time the Entourage movie premieres in June, it will have been four years since the fun-loving (and male showboating) series ended. But for Vincent Chase and Co., nothing has changed—and they may even be ready for more.

YYou can’t go home again, but maybe you can go bro again. That’s what the guys from Entourage, HBO’s male fantasia about Queens boys making it big in Hollywood, are looking to do with the release of the Entourage movie, opening June 3, four years after the hit series ended its eight-season run.

Film history is littered with bad movies made from beloved TV shows, but the Entourage gang—including writer-director Doug Ellin, producer Mark Wahlberg, and co-stars Kevin Connolly, Jeremy Piven, Kevin Dillon, Adrian Grenier, and Jerry Ferrara—seems undaunted by making the tricky transition from small screen to big. There was “not one iota of hesitation” about doing the project, says Grenier, who plays the Wahlberg-esque movie star Vincent Chase. Maybe they’re encouraged by the success of the Sex and the City movies, based on another wildly popular HBO half-hour, or maybe it’s just that trademark male bravado.

To hear them tell it, when the band did get back together it was as if they’d never broken up. “It’s like high school,” Ellin says. “Nothing changed.” So, why the four-year delay? Well, Ellin had to write the script first: “I took a year. I didn’t know if there was really an appetite for it. But Mark told me, ‘If you write this script, I guarantee I’ll get it made.’ ” Piven—whose character, superagent Ari Gold, spends a lot of his screen time in fits of histrionics—enjoyed the time away. “Your body thinks you’re throwing a temper tantrum for 12 to 14 hours a day,” he says. “It can be a little taxing, so it’s been a very welcome break.”

But the break’s over, and the guys seem open to doing more Entourage movies if this one finds an audience. “I’d do 20 of ‘em,” Ellin says. Twenty sequels? That’s a deal only Ari Gold could make.

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