Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Here’s How The Golden State Warriors Celebrated Their First NBA Title In 40 Years

VIA: After securing their first championship in over 40 years, the Golden State Warriors ventured out on the town to celebrate their massive accomplishment. Their night began with a celebratory dinner at a steakhouse in downtown Cleveland. The great Lee Jenkins at Sports Illustrated got the inside scoop:

They were bound for a victory party at Morton’s The Steakhouse, across the top floor of the Tower City Center from the Ritz-Carlton, where the Warriors were staying. When Curry strode into the wood-paneled restaurant, carrying 2-year-old daughter Riley on a piggyback ride, players, staffers and family members erupted again.

Cleveland’s nightlife doesn’t quite matchup with Miami or New York, but that didn’t stop the Warriors from popping bottles all night. Even Harrison Barnes, who claims he’s never had a sip of alcohol, joined in on the festivities:

“They got me,” Barnes admitted. When Barnes slipped out the door a little before 3 a.m., saying he needed to shower back at the Ritz, reserve guard Justin Holiday hollered after him: “You’re going to be asleep in 10 minutes.” Barnes, true to his word, returned. The party churned past 5 a.m. Curry was among the last to leave.

Someone on the Warriors needs to introduce Barnes to craft beers; summertime in the Bay Area demands it. Then again, maybe Harrison only plans to drink the sweet nectar of championship champagne for the rest of his life. The Warriors certainly have the pieces in place to have champagne baths for years to come.

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