Sunday, June 28, 2015

Is This A Picture Of LeBron James And Kevin Love Having A Secret Summer Meeting?

VIA: A podcaster by the name of Jensen Karp may have stumbled upon the golden nugget of scoops while chilling pool-side earlier today. Apparently, Karp watched free-agents-to-be LeBron James and Kevin Love meet near the same pool and had the wherewithal to take out his phone and snap a picture for all of Twitter to enjoy.

If the all-stars were meeting to discuss their impending free agency, James likely wasn’t a repeating a sales pitch to Love.

Both players have reportedly informed the Cavaliers they will opt out of their contracts to become free agents, but the expectation is both will return to Cleveland, especially James.

The uncertainty stems from how each will construct their contracts moving forward. A max deal this year will be substantially lower than one next summer and even lower than deals beyond that as the salary cap continues to rise with the influx of money from the NBA’s new television deal. Plus, LeBron’s continued free agency each summer following a succession of two-year deals with a player option after the first year, puts pressure on Cavs brass, like it will this summer to dip into the luxury tax to sign Love and Tristan Thompson.

It could be nothing, just a couple of rich guys doing rich guy things, or it could be some really, really good news for Cavs fans.

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