Thursday, June 18, 2015

Vince McMahon Passive-Aggressively Sent A Title Belt To CM Punk’s Beloved Chicago Blackhawks

Via: Well folks, the Chicago Blackhawks have won the Stanley Cup, which means one person from the world of pro wrestling is very happy. Of course I’m talking about Vince McMahon, who sent the team a WWE Championship belt to commemorate their victory. What, you were thinking of somebody else?

Yes, Vince McMahon sent the Blackhawks a belt and got a personal shout-out on Twitter…

Now, WWE does send belts to teams from time-to-time (don’t see the Warriors with one yet though), but it’s hard not to see this one as a bit of a jab at CM Punk. “You spent years as an obsessed fan before getting in the team’s good graces! I don’t even care about them and got them to pose with my property and thank me on Twitter. Keep reaching for that brass ring!”

But hey, whatever, Punk may have had to work harder for it, but he’s still totally the team’s best wrestling buddy. In fact, he’s covering the Blackhawks victory parade for CSN Chicago as we speak. If Vince was really on his trolling game he’d send John Cena to the parade to do a run-in.

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