Wednesday, July 22, 2015

50 Cent Testifies That His Lifestyle Is All An Illusion

VIA: It’s been a busy couple of days for 50 Cent. First he filed for bankruptcy. Well no, actually first was 50 getting nailed with a $5 million verdict for publishing a sex tape that featured Lastonia Leviston. Then came the bankruptcy filing and after that, accusations that AT&T was racist because their stalled negotiations with Starz, the channel that airs the 50-produced show “Power,” was going to make the show unavailable to U-Verse subscribers.

And now? Appearing in Manhattan Supreme Court Tuesday morning, 50 Cent testified about his estimated $150 million fortune. That fortune – well, it’s something this guy might appreciate.

50 Cent, hoping to make a case that he would be unable to raise the $5 million the court had ordered him to pay Leviston, testified that his lavish lifestyle was all for show; that none of it was actually real.

But what about all those pictures of you, flashing gold chains and riding in sweet whips, 50?

“I take the jewelry and the cars back to the stores.”

This is slightly confusing, if only because as recently as this past May, Forbes had 50’s estimated worth at $155 million. But according to 50, that’s just not true as he only claims to only “make 10 cents a record” and has only made $300,000 from the first two seasons of “Power” and $200,000 for his appearances in Spy and Southpaw. In his bankruptcy filing, he claims to be $28 million in debt. Yet prior to the decision to award Leviston $5 million, 50 Cent’s own lawyer put his client’s net worth at $4 million.

So, what is it? For those of you keeping track at home:

50 Cent’s Net Worth According to Forbes: $155 Million

50 Cent’s Net Worth According to 50 Cent’s Lawyer: $4 Million

50 Cent’s Net Worth According to Lastonia Leviston’s Lawyer: “much more than that”

50 Cent’s Net Worth According to 50 Cent: eh, couple of bucks.

I know, it’s confusing. But don’t worry, this confusion isn’t what’s bothering 50 Cent, though.

“Now that I filed for bankruptcy, I’m not as cool as I was last week.”

I guess that’s one way of looking at it.

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