Saturday, July 25, 2015

Did This Mysterious Twitter Account Give Us Our First Look At Spider-Man In ‘Captain America: Civil War’?

VIA: While Captain America: Civil War continues to film as we speak, a new Twitter account supposedly belonging to directors Joe and Anthony Russo has popped up, and it’s posting some interesting photos that may or may not be from the set of the Marvel film. As of now, the account has yet to be verified, but there’s some evidence that points to it being real.

As /Film points out, the account is following stars from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, along with cast members from Community, a show that the brothers worked on. The strongest evidence that suggests this may be real and not a troll job is the people who are following it: Jason Stamey, who works in casting for Marvel films, Ryan Stankevich, the VP of global marketing for Disney, and Andrew Stamm, a crew member on Captain America: Civil War.

The Twitter account has more than 7,000 followers now as word is spreading that this might be the real deal. Here’s the most recent cryptic photo that was posted.

Is that a close-up of Peter Parker’s camera? Who knows, but there’s more…

That looks like a chair that might be involved in the Winter Soldier project. We know that Spider-Man will be making an appearance in Civil War — he factors in heavily in the storyline in the comic-book version — and these photos may be giving us a glimpse of Spidey’s suit.

That’s either a camera lens, or it might be one of Spidey’s eyes, which actually have character in the comics, and can move to show emotion.

Okay, that looks like it could definitely be a close-up of Spider-Man’s costume. There’s rumors that we’ll get to see Spidey in all his Civil War glory for Disney’s D23 Expo, so we might have to wait until then to get the full reveal.

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