Thursday, July 23, 2015

‘Do You Have The Word Skanky?’ This Interview With Amy Schumer Goes Downhill Real Fast

VIA: Amy Schumer was in Australia earlier this week for the Australian premiere of Trainwreck, where she sat down with two radio hosts for Melbourne’s KIIS 101.1. The interview started out friendly enough, as the female host complimented Schumer on the film and her dramatic acting, as well as her gams in the film. Schumer was initially receptive to the compliment, saying that the costume designer purposely made everything a little too tight and short.

That’s when the male host chimed in and said, “Do you have the word ‘skanky’ in America?” Things did not go so great after that. Despite the fact that Schumer previously said that the film was part autobiographical, the Australian host insisted, “That’s the character of the movie.” His female co-host tried to recover by bringing up an office scandal that involved someone trimming their pubic hair in the station restrooms, but, spoiler alert, that didn’t help.

The best part is that this video is actually uploaded to the KIIS 101.1 official YouTube account with the title, “Amy Schumer unhappy in this interview.” Because that’s the great thing about the media Australia: They do not GAF.

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