Saturday, November 3, 2012

Miami Heat Announce SIX New Uniforms To Be Worn In 2012-13

Were you bored with the Heat’s uniforms? No worries.

Last Friday, the heat announced that they will continue their recent tradition of multitudes of uniform styles, with six new styles for the 2012-2013 season.

Thanks to last year’s editions and uniforms that appear in this year’s NBA2K13, we have some idea of what many of these uniforms will look like.

The Heat will wear a new design, referred to as “White Hot.” Based on the videogame captures, it seems like this will be an all-white ensemble, using black outlines to make the text and numbers (somewhat) legible.

There will be special event uniforms, for the trophy-ring-banner presentation(s?) and Christmas Day uniforms.

The team says it will again have a Noche Latina uniform, which seems to be at least fairly similar to last year’s edition.

There will be a 25th Anniversary Hardwood Classics uniform, which should look similar to the first season jerseys, though those are black or white, and these are reported to be red.

There will be an updated black. As seen below, it seems as if textures will be used in the numbers and lettering.

The standard 3 jerseys appear to continue on, unchanged.

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